FAQs for Brows

What exactly is an eyebrow ‘shaping’?

An eyebrow shaping is a 30 minute session that begins with a full consultation of your eyebrows. During the consultation, you will understand your eyebrows much better. You will know what areas will have grow (if any) in order to achieve the perfect brow shape for your face. Your brows will then be expertly shaped by safely removing all unwanted hairs from the brows. Once the brow shaping is complete, we will show you how to naturally fill in your eyebrows using brow powder, brow pencil, highlighter, and/or brow gel

I’ve had my brows ‘waxed’ before. So what’s the difference between a wax, and a ‘shaping’?

During an eyebrow shaping, your eyebrows are expertly measured based off the natural bone structure of your face. They are then filled in with powder to the shape that your brows should be in order to perfectly balance your face. This insures consistency in your eyebrow shaping 100% of the time, allowing me, as your brow expert, to never make a mistake during your eyebrow shaping. It also insures that only the hairs that MUST go are taken, which prevents over waxing/tweezing. Overall this process allows proper brow growth if growth is needed to perfect the shape of your eyebrows. End result? Your BEST brows!

Is there a certain ‘measurement’ that determines where my brows should be on my face?

INDEED! Based on the bone structure, the eyebrows should start on the inside corner of the nose, up the bridge of the nose to the eyebrow. The tail (or end) of the eyebrow should line up to the outer crease of the nose, to the crease of the eye, to the eyebrow. The highest point of the eyebrow should line up with the ball of the nose, cut across the pupil of the eye, to the top of the eyebrow. This measurement is true to every face shape.

Can my age and/or hormones cause my brows to appear thinner?

Unfortunately, yes. As we age, our hair follicles can become less active and even dormant. This can cause the brow hairs to grow in thinner, slower or not at all. Health conditions, such as hypothyroidism or even hyperthyroidism can cause the tails (or end) of your eyebrows to diminish. When hormones and particular health conditions affect our eyebrows, there honestly isn’t too much we can do. But it is extremely important that your brows are being shaped properly from this point on to prevent any over waxing/tweezing. Learning how to fill in your brows properly and maintaining a healthy diet will surely help as well.

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