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 Custom Airbrush Spray Tan—$35

Is a full body tan that is tailored to your skin tone/type.
You can choose whether you want a light/medium or medium/dark


Rapid Airbrush Spray Tan (shower in 2-5 hrs) – $48

This is an accelerated tan that lets you shower sooner.
It is great if you need to shower sooner
and do not want to wait until the next day

  You can shower in:

♦ 2-3 hours for light-to-medium tan

♦ 3-5 hours for medium-to-darker tan

 Venetian Airbrush Spray Tan in Studio$42

This color option will give you a Mediterranean type color.
It has a violent hue that brightens the skin, makes you look
younger, and gives you a sun kissed GLOW.

 Upper Body Airbrush Spray – $15

You will be sprayed only on your face, shoulders, arms, and chest

Lower Body Airbrush Spray – $15

You will be sprayed on your legs only (upper thigh to ankles)


Host a Tan Party

Call for pricing

Airbrush Spray Tan parties are available in our studio.
Schedule your party with one of our Tan Experts.
Prices vary depending on distance of location and number of attendees.
Contact us today for more details!


We offer packages for the bride and/or her entire wedding party
on site or in studio.  Please contact us for more details.